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Brunch, YouTube and Monetization Workshop: A Mastermind to Boost Your Content Creation

Aight, so have a YouTube Channel that you've been posting consistently to but for some reason it isn't growing the way you know that it could. *Dun, Dun, DUNNNNN*

No worries, we're cracking open 2024's CRTV Hub experience with a mastermind meet-up about growing and monetizing on YouTube!

YouTube Monetization Workshop for Beginner Content Creators

2x podcaster, YouTuber, and credit repair specialist, Eric Hicks, started on YouTube in February 2023. He spent countless hours studying what makes people click, watch, and stay on videos.

These study hours led to him growing and monetizing his YouTube channel in less than 12 months of creating.

Creative Brunch Mastermind flyer for the YouTube Monetization workshop

Eric is giving us the play-by-play at the YouTube monetization workshop so that you can join the 1% of creators that are making money in the digital creator economy!

What to Expect When You Attend the YouTube Monetization Workshop

At the CRTV Hub, we don't gate-keep. So Eric will be presenting his findings about what works on YouTube, as well as showing us exactly how he employs strategy and tactics on his channel.

Be prepared to take notes on how to structure (or re-structure) your channel for optimized growth. Also, be prepared to share your insights as well. After all, this is a mastermind community group designed for everyone to grow from the power of collective knowledge.


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