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What is a content studio space?

Updated: Feb 14

Ya'll wouldn't believe how often I get this question. The answer is a lot...and I bet you're probably wondering as well -- what is a content studio space? And do I need one? Well let's dive in.

Before defining a content studio space, I think it's worth defining the word "content" first. Content is any asset -- blog, graphic, video, image -- containing information that is used to inform, entertain or persuade an audience. In business, content is the primary vehicle used to market products or services.

For example, if you have a Facebook page for your brand, then anytime you share an image, video, or post, you are creating content.

So then, what is a content studio space?

To put it simply, a content studio space is a designated physical studio to create, stage, and produce digital content.

It is a space to produce new content like podcasts, videos, and photos. Many content studios include equipment and props -- like ours which has additional studio lights, podcast mics, a fog machine, and more.

Photography Studio vs Content Studio

It isn't uncommon to wonder what the difference is between a content studio and a photography studio. A photography studio and content studio may overlap in many ways, for example, 2D FilmWorks Content Studio offers backdrops and even a cyc wall like many other photography spaces.

But what sets content studios apart is that they can be outfitted with multiple set areas, furniture, props, and a larger footprint to capture more than just images. Content studios can offer a large enough space for photo sessions and video sessions. Furthermore, the space can include soundproofing areas for podcasting and quality recording.

A content studio, to us, is one step above your photography studio because it is your one-stop shop for all types of digital content creation.

Which is best for you?

Content studio spaces are best for creators, podcasters, photographers, videographers, and influencers who need a variety of looks, a large work area, and the ability to consistently create various content regularly.

Photography studios are great for photographers and individuals or brand who may only need photos and no other content type. But keep in mind, that there is much overlap, and ultimately, the decision comes down to your creative vision.


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