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How to choose a photography studio near me

You're finally ready to book that photo or video shoot, and now you need the perfect space. You probably googled "photography studio near me" which populated some cool places. But how do you pick the right one?

Well trust me, if there's anyone who knows what to look for in a studio, it's us. Let's jump in...

1. Location, Location, Location

You may have looked around on Google for the studio nearest you. But a few other factors to consider regarding location include privacy, external sounds that may disrupt your session, or even proximity to good parking.

You might prefer a studio located near or around a bustling business district. The upside to that is the proximity to other stores or places of service. The downside, as in Birmingham, is that business districts also come with less privacy and more noise.

2D FilmWorks, we are optimally located off a main roadway in Bessemer, just minutes from the Amazon fulfillment center. This gives us proximity to other businesses with the added layer of privacy because we're not too close to be disturbed.

If you're looking for something private, and away from disturbances but not secluded, look no further.

2. Equipment & Amenities

Nothing is worse than showing up to a session or photoshoot and not having everything you need. Our well-equipped studio comes with backdrops, lighting, props, and other essentials that will make your shoot a success.

What else? We also provide changing areas, clothing steamers for those quick wardrobe fixes and furniture props to elevate your photos.

3. Size and Space

This one is major for us.

Let's pause for a quick story -- before opening, I had to shoot a large group documentary in the cold of winter, preferably in a studio. But I had great trouble finding a studio that had enough space AND was affordable for the client. An open-concept studio was nearly impossible to find. Until we built 2D FilmWorks!

2D FIlmWorks Studio -- spacious, content photography studio near me.

We pride ourselves on being a spacious, 1500 sq ft open-concept studio that is suitable for small-to-mid-size sessions. There's more than enough space for you, your guests, and all the equipment needed to complete your project. And the extra space doesn't cost you an arm and a leg!

4. Availability and Booking

Ease of booking and flexible availability is important when arranging your session. Nothing is worse than having to book a studio last minute OR cancel a session without certainty of a refund or reschedule availability.

Our solution is our upfront booking and flexible scheduling policy. We make booking seamless with just the click of a button -- no advance notice necessary. If the slot is open, it's yours.

Plus, if you need to reschedule, we gotchu. Life happens, but that doesn't mean you have to lose money or studio time in the process. 😉

5. Specialized Features & Support

Lastly, when looking for a space, you may need more than just backdrops. We provide each renter with access to the cyclorama wall and all 7 set areas to get more bang for your buck.

Furthermore, additional equipment can be added to your rental like a fog machine for more razzle dazzle. And our support team is available via text or phone call for any questions throughout your session!

Overall, there are plenty of factors to consider when looking up photography studios in your area. At 2D FilmWorks Content Studio, we do all we can to anticipate your needs and make your shoot day a success.


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