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Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Content [+ Free Content Storytelling Planner]

Quiet as is kept, your content doesn't stand out because your storytelling sucks.

You may "provide value" and fail to captivate. That's where storytelling comes in. But sucking at this is not your fault...

Most times, whoever tells the better story -- wins.

As visual creators, it's easy to forget that good storytelling is the foundation of all content. Not the equipment, not the algorithm hacks, or the aesthetic. It's been said that "storytellers rule the world" because the difference between you and your competitor is the story being told.

Simple Storytelling Tips to Improve Your Content

Storytelling tips to improve your content can be tough to tackle, but thankfully, there are a few key things to always remember for today's content landscape.

  1. Lean into the tension -- A key component in any story is the conflict. We all loved this interview because we know Katt Williams has no problem leaning into conflict and standing 10 toes down on the tension in the room. What's even better? He doesn't let up until his point -- or joke -- is made. So to you, I say, lean into the tension of your stories or content. We see Katt Williams do this by repeatedly jumping right into the conflict of a story without hesitation or beating around the bush and taking us to a witty resolution.

  2. Focus on plot -- Every story has a plot. The more time you spend crafting an appealing, captivating, or entertaining plot for your story, the better. Katt Williams' stories may have been all over the place, but they were never void of an interesting (and sometimes questionable) plot. Leverage your preferred storytelling vehicle (video, photostory, blog) and perfect plotting for the platform you like most. Each platform will require an updated storytelling style, but when you master plot, you can tell stories anywhere.

  3. Let your voice SHINE - Listen, what makes you stand out as a content creator is not only the "value you provide" to people. Your story, your personality, and your experiences set you apart from the crowd. So don't focus so much on "providing value" that you lose YOUR unique voice in the process.

If you want to beat the algorithm, tell a better story.

Improve your storytelling with a simple planning exercise

Yes, storytelling methods look different on each platform but the foundations of a solid plot, conflict, and personalized point of view still matter.

The easiest way to start thinking like a good storyteller is to actually THINK about the story your content tells. We do this by thinking in terms of a hook, 3 Acts, and a Call to Action (or CTA).

A hook is what will make people stick...and it can be visual (like a camera effect), or verbal like a statement that stops people mid-scroll.

Next are your 3 acts:

  • Act I -- introducing the topic/observation/opinion with a bit of background

  • Act II - dropping the bomb, twist, tension, or conflict of the story (this serves as a mid-hook); this is the obstacle to overcome

  • Act III - bringing the tension to a resolution by giving a solution or some sort of relief

We wrap it all up with a call-to-action or a request to the viewer on what they should do next.

This storytelling form is as old as time and it hasn't changed because it works! The only thing that has changed is how we package this format into various content types like reels, YouTube videos, blogs, or images and graphics.

In all, no matter your preferred platform or method, we could all improve on our storytelling foundations. All it takes is a bit of forethought and planning!

Need help getting started? Download the content storytelling planner to start outlining your hook, Act I, II, and III and call-to-action below!


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